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Additional recent publications regarding teaching and safety in Water Polo

                Physical Activity & Sport for the Secondary School Student, 6th Ed.
                by Neil J. Dougherty, Editor, 2010


                Principles of Safety in Physical Education and Sport, 4th Edition
                by Neil J. Dougherty, Editor, 2009


"Water Polo For Players and Teachers of Aquatics"

                    Chapters for use & comments: ( Pete Snyder, Ph.D., 2006) psnyder@fullcoll.edu or plschneid@yahoo.com 714.992.7487

                    BOOK available on WEBSITE, free for public, per author: http://la84foundation.org 

                    links- "Coaching Education" and  "Coaching Manuals"

                    Water Polo History (Chapter 1): *See also the movie "Freedom's Fury"

                    Medical, Physiological and Psychological Aspects of Water Polo (Chapter 2)

                    Basic Swimming Skills as Applied to Water Polo (Chapter 3)

                   Individual Offensive Skills (Chapter 4)

                      Individual Offensive Skills - Team Offense (Chapter 5)

                    Individual Defensive Skills - Team Defense (Chapter 6)

                    Water Polo Rules (Chapter 7)

                    Six on Five Offense and Five on Six Defense (Chapter 8)

                   The Goalie (Chapter 9)

                    Fastbreak Offense & Defense (Chapter 10)

                    Appendix 1 - Men's Olympic Results                        Appendix 3 - Stretching

                    Appendix 2 - Women's Olympic Results                    Appendix 4 - Specific Strength Training


                         THE U.S.A. FULLERON WOMEN's OPEN

                                  WATERPOLO TOURNAMENT

                                     WATER POLO FOR KIDS RULES TEST